Avalon, S.C. Cover Art!

Cover art for my third book has been quite a journey. But I have the finals now, which I’ll share with you after a little of the story.

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New Cover Art!

Once again, the cover artist at Soul Mate Publishing has outdone herself. Just got the first cover art draft for Strange Bedfellows, and not unexpectedly, I’m absolutely delighted.

I asked Debby (Founder and Senior Editor) if the cover artist was the same as for Return from Avalon (and Points West), but she is typically busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest and hasn’t answered yet.

So without further ado, here it is.

Strange Bedfellows CoverMy only comment back, besides how much I love it, was:

The love potion is in too big a container (a ‘flask’ instead of a ‘vial’). There should only be enough for a single use. It’s distilled down, so it should look thick.  Here’s my vision of a vial, although I’m definitely not hard core about this (think the neck adds more interest than just a straight glass vial).  I like the cork a lot, so it could go in the vial.

Definitely my fault. I indicated “bottle of love potion” as one of the key objects in the book. Here’s the image I included in the email.

vial Strange Bedfellows is due out in March. We’re well along in the editing process, so I don’t expect any hitches there.

ON AN UNRELATED TOPIC: If you haven’t checked out the 3-author interview series that Stella is writing for the Examiner, you need to. The interview format has become more interactive, more snarky, and more fun. This week we’re writing a fiction vignette with the 3 (or maybe 4?) of us alternating paragraphs. That’ll be out this coming Sunday.

Examiner Article 1-12-14