Mary Magdalene

I’d like to share with you how the character of Mary Magdalene developed in Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail. This inside look at the writing process is only available to my blog family and not the public at large, so don’t tell.

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The Holy Grail

I had my artist friend, Nancy Parsons, make a graphic image of The Grail. Not for any reason in particular, except for promotion opportunities and perhaps an eventual cover image. I must say, I’m delighted with the results.

Here’s the description from Chapter One:

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Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail: Chapter 4

The goblet was gone.

The shelf where I’d left it looked like Troy after Aga­memnon and the boys had finished with it. Hector the enamel cof­fee pot lay slain on the table, along with the corpse of a bat­tered canister that he’d taken with him. Paris the once jaunty brass can­dle­stick had fallen in two pieces, sliced in half by a sin­gle sword stoke or laid low by a stripped screw, half buried beneath a trivet and a rusted egg beat­er. Ra­vens were begin­ning to cir­cle.

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A Bit about Bradley

(yes, I’m going to post a chapter later today. But I wanted to say a bit about Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail first, and yesterday was way to busy for such delights)

Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail was originally written in 1989-1990. After a number of unsuccessful half-steps and stutters into the miasma of novel writing, I discovered my voice and off we went. After that, the words just seems to appear on paper. I can’t say that it was ever work, as in the sort of tasks you dread but have to do anyway.

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So what’s been happening . . .

Avalon South Carolina_1800HIGHIn case you missed in during all the news about who’s fighting who and who’s suing who, Avalon, S.C. was released on August 6th. Available for immediate download from Amazon to your device. And I know–you’ve already read it while I was posting chapters. But reading it like a regular book is a whole different experience. So in case you haven’t done so already, here is the link to buy.

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Let Your Characters Go!

I preach this advice to all who will listen (both of you), and yet last week I got caught up in it myself. I had to totally recast the villain of the holy grail saga in Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail–in the original version, the unholy trinity were Morgause, Morgan le Fay and Nimue. Of course, we all know that Morgan is not a villainess at all, and Nimue, well she’s definitely on the side of the goddess. Not to mention George Foster’s mate and the mother of Merlin’s daughter.

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Same Story, Different Novels

Had an interesting experience this week: Writing the same scene in 2 different novels.

In Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail,  I’ve been rewriting/severely editing about Arthur and Kay’s boyhood with Merlin. Here’s a couple of paragraphs with The Grail telling the story (or course she can communicate):

Kay spent even more time at our cottage, and would have just moved in if his father had allowed it. Arthur’s foster brother was slight and awkward—you could already tell he was never going to be a great knight—but his mental agility more than made up for it. Arthur never really cozened onto mathematics, but Kay ate it up like it was fresh bread with honey. Sometimes they would play an early version of chess that Merlin had brought back from the Middle East; other times they would just match wits. Arthur was Merlin’s pupil and his hope for the future; Kay was more like a son. Continue reading

Update on Bradley Schuster

The first novel that I wrote is Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail. It is a very powerful, and at the same time very flawed book. It has been revised extensively before, and still languishes away. So I have made the commitment to fix it and submit it for publication. I truly love the book, and it’s too good to languish.

I began (yet again) a critical read of the manuscript at the end of February. What I discovered surprised me.

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