Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail: The Cup’s Story, Interlude


The cup told me early-on that she didn’t have a name, just call her whatever. I figured I would come up with a nickname pretty soon—everybody else had one, why not her? Tried some variants of Layla (Lola, Laylette, Lay Low), but nothing took hold. In the meantime, I just called her the cup.

It wasn’t long before that was way too impersonal. So the cup became The Cup. She could tell the difference from my tone of thought, and it amused her.

But when we reached the point where I realized that she was the Holy Grail, she became, immediately and irrevocably, The Grail. I couldn’t deal with the ‘holy’ bit, but then, what does holy really mean in this case? And a nickname was out of the question. Graily? Toastie? Your holiness?

I’ve preserved this evolution of names in the story intentionally; it’s not just unwitting inconsistency. Although I’m sure there’s plenty of that.

Bronze goblet final


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