Flashback to the ’70s.

Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail appears to be a flashback romp to the early 70s, almost the 60’s but not quite. Curiously, when it was first written (1989-ish), it was a lot closer to the time of the book. Mobile phones were called “car phones” and weighed about 10 lbs. It was a different world, a lot closer to the 60s than it would be to 2014, which wasn’t even imaginable then.

A lot of it was also present tense. Which made it immediate and funny at the time. And totally nonsensical when read in 2014.

So it had to get the preface that put it in today and gave it a reason for being related back in ancient times.

In my chapter edit yesterday, I discovered a section that was still in present tense, after all those editorial passes. Blast from the past.

I survived both times, I’m happy to say. The excesses of the 70s and the Reagan years. Older and wiser now (wiser is good).



1 thought on “Flashback to the ’70s.

  1. I was offered a car phone in the mid ’80’s so I could stay in touch with the office when driving to distant clients. I declined. With two young teens at home that was the only quiet time in my life. Couldn’t imagine wanting to be tethered to constant contact. It still grates occasionally.

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