A Bit about Bradley

(yes, I’m going to post a chapter later today. But I wanted to say a bit about Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail first, and yesterday was way to busy for such delights)

Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail was originally written in 1989-1990. After a number of unsuccessful half-steps and stutters into the miasma of novel writing, I discovered my voice and off we went. After that, the words just seems to appear on paper. I can’t say that it was ever work, as in the sort of tasks you dread but have to do anyway.

Several of my stylistic devices originally came to light during this novel. Unfortunately, many of them were truly to excess. The very long sentence full of twists and turns might have taken up a half page. The parenthetical expression, which is still quite present but fortunately a much reduced descendent of its father, might interrupt a sentence and run for a couple of paragraphs before the sentence picked right back up again. Drove readers nuts.

It was a time of excess, it would seem.

There was also a lot of heavy-handed anti-religious bias. It was the end of the Reagan years, what can I say (picture below of the author circa 1989).

Fortunately, those early drafts hardly exist any more. I think there is exactly 1 copy out there somewhere, waiting for an offer from the Library of Congress when I eventually become enshrined in the Long Parenthetical Diatribe Hall of Fame. There are some miscellaneous Word Perfect files that have to be translated to even read them.

The excesses have been toned down, or in many cases even eliminated from this version. Hopefully, what remains is the witty, irreverent voice of Bradley Schuster.

artist circa 1989This is also the last revision (yeah, I know. Famous last words). After the last chapter has been posted, it’s going to be packaged up and flung out into the world, for better or for worse.

Enjoy the ride. I certainly have.


3 thoughts on “A Bit about Bradley

  1. I love the book-and-author story. And the pic, so brooding!

    As for the mellowing of Bradley, as in “made gentle and compassionate by age or maturity; softened”? Nah. Let’s not go that far. He still has an interesting edge and philosophy of life.

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