So what’s been happening . . .

Avalon South Carolina_1800HIGHIn case you missed in during all the news about who’s fighting who and who’s suing who, Avalon, S.C. was released on August 6th. Available for immediate download from Amazon to your device. And I know–you’ve already read it while I was posting chapters. But reading it like a regular book is a whole different experience. So in case you haven’t done so already, here is the link to buy.

ReturnFromAvalon CoverNot only that, a couple of days before, Return from Avalon (and Points West) was released in paperback. So you can hold it in your hand, stroke the pages, spill coffee on it. *** If you want a signed copy, let me know and I’ll order some and send you one. With postage and everything it going to be about $20 (I’ll do it at cost for you my loyal blog readers). Sorry–that’s what they charge for printed-on-demand books. Or you can just buy one yourself and imagine that it’s a signed first edition. Arnie would approve.

These 2 events have propelled me to . . . drum roll please . . . 70,369th among all Amazon authors. Yeah, I know. Doesn’t sound like NY Times Bestseller figures yet. But we’re on the way.

In any case, all together they make up a big reason to celebrate. As a writer, one of the most important principals is to celebrate whenever and whatever you can. There are a lot of ah, shit moments: rejection letters, bad reviews from your critique group, despair in the dark of night that you’re not good enough to be a writer. So celebrate at every opportunity.

And then tomorrow, I’ll start posting new chapters in Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail. Oh, you’re going to like this book. See you then.



2 thoughts on “So what’s been happening . . .

  1. Congratulations and well done!

    And — it is comforting to read that YOU have had moments of despair (the timing is uncanny.) Thank you for sharing that.

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