An Interview by Thalia (the Muse of Comedy)

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted in a while. Finally, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, got fed up with it all and started bugging me about it. Thalia is not really my personal muse–Screechia would be a lot more accurate. But she’ll do for the moment. So I will share our conversation in interview format. It went pretty much this way, except with a lot more profanity (Thalia has gotten a bit of a potty mouth from watching all the stand-up comedians currently in vogue).

Thalia,_Muse_Of_Comedy_by_Louis-Michel_van_LooTHALIA: So why the fuck aren’t you posting?

R: I could hand you some BS and say that it was my trip to Greece, it’s August in Texas and way too hot to write, it’s been hard to read and work after I had eye surgery, blah, blah, blah. But the real truth is, I’m pretty worthless when I’m not writing. It starts me on a downhill slide to sloth that it takes a lot to get out of.

THALIA: WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT WRITING. You preach to all your young writers that . . .

R: Yeah, I know. But we all knew it would come to this point. Remember? I said that when I made the conscious choice to rework Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail (BS&HG) rather than start a new novel.

If it’s any consolation, I think about my next work all the time. I went to the Romance Writers of America convention in San Antonio last month, and while I had a lot of fun, the most productive part of the whole trip was “planning” (CAREFUL: Not to be mistaken with “plotting”) the next book while driving.

THALIA: SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST (expletive deleted) WRITE IT?

R: Too many projects. When I have more than 2 books going at the same time, they get all mixed up in my head and I have Sir Kay with a hangover on Westheimer. I have to finish one first.

THALIA: And I suppose that will take another month or two?

R: The Good News is: I’ve finished reworking the bad spots of BS&HG as well as the critical read (finished yesterday evening). So I’ll be ready to start posting chapters THIS FRIDAY. ****

(let me just interrupt this interview to go off on a little tangent. In my NVHO, BS&HG is a very good book. I’m excited to be getting it out to you, and on the road to publication)

THALIA: And then you can start writing again?

R: Almost. The Adventures of Sir Kay needs to be moved along, but at least he’s short (the work needed this pass, not noble Sir Kay himself. I’d have Princess Elaine right down on my ass if I disparaged Sir Kay). I have assembled all of my readers’ comments from blog posts in a single document and just have to do a final clean-up pass. A week’s work at the most. I’ll have that started by the end of this week too.

THALIA: Well, I supposed that’s have to do. So you’ll be writing . . . carry your one and Shit Fuck Piss (remainder of expletives deleted). I was never any good at math. You’ll be writing by when?

R: Barring a serious setback, by Labor Day.

THALIA: How fitting. Well, I’m holding you to it.

R: Yes, ma’am. Just don’t make any promises to Screechia I can’t keep. Don’t want her all bent out of shape too.

The painting at the top of this post is Thalia, Muse Of Comedy by Louis-Michel van Loo, an 18th Century French Painter. That’s pretty much what she looked like during the interview (Screechia is younger and has a much more shrewish visage). Two other interpretations are shown below.

Thalia2Egide Godfried Guffens, Belgium, 1892.

Thalia3Jean-Marc Nattier, 1739. Thalia was definitely NOT in dishabille while she was interviewing me.



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