What I’ve Been Thinking

I haven’t written since I’ve been on this trip. Yes, a real live vacation from writing. But I’ve been THINKING about writing. Can’t just turn that off.

And no, I haven’t decided to write a book about sirens. Or a man who goes to the Greek Isles and encounter sirens for himself. Or falls in love with a siren. A siren who lived off the coast of Scotland in the days of King Arthur but retired and moved to sunnier lands.

Or even a book about roaches.

What I’ve been thinking about is writing something more serious. Yes, I know. Last time I tried that, I crashed and burned. But the idea keeps coming back. As well as the character, who is fundamentally a more serious character. Seems she wants to have her story told.

She is disfigured from a car wreck. So she hides behind a mask of humor, but there is an underlying edge to it.

Last time I tried it, I got too serious myself.

What do you think? Should I try it again? Or stick to what I know better?image


6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Thinking

  1. Can you do it? Of course. More importantly, do you want to do it? Sounds like it.

    Interesting that two of my favorite books from the past 12 months or so involve major characters–both men–with physical challenges. Me Before You (a love story but not by any stretch a formula romance) about a quadriplegic. And The Rosie Project (a humorous romance) about a 39-year-old with Aspergers who decides it’s time to find a wife. Both were the kind of books that had me re-reading the last chapters as soon as I finished the first read.

    Channel your inner Neil Simon . . . my gold standard for the mix of humor and pathos.

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