Sir Kay: Loose Ends

OK, so back a month or two ago–gee, was it only 2 weeks?–I posted the last chapter of Sir Kay. And everybody gave a good sigh at the happily-ever-after ending, and went on about their day feeling good.

So . . . what loose ends did I leave insufficiently tidied up?

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What I’ve Been Thinking

I haven’t written since I’ve been on this trip. Yes, a real live vacation from writing. But I’ve been THINKING about writing. Can’t just turn that off.

And no, I haven’t decided to write a book about sirens. Or a man who goes to the Greek Isles and encounter sirens for himself. Or falls in love with a siren. A siren who lived off the coast of Scotland in the days of King Arthur but retired and moved to sunnier lands.

Or even a book about roaches.

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