Strange Bedfellows is Out!

I case you’ve been vacationing in Tanzania and missed it, Strange Bedfellows is out. Many/most of you read it when I was serializing it chapter by chapter, but it’s actually better when you read it like a regular book.
What does “read it like a regular book” mean? To me, that means you stay up late at least one night because you can’t put it down. Which wasn’t possible when you were only getting 1 chapter at a time. Tess frequently expressed her frustration at such an unnatural relationship with a book (others too, but she was the most vocal).

Strange Bedfellows #3 copyStrange Bedfellows available at Amazon

Thanks to all who got their reviews in early. For the rest of you, there’s still time. How about tomorrow?

And yes, I know I have to update my blog home page to have a cover link. Just don’t remember how to do that.

Also, Stella did a very cool interview in The Examiner. I love to do interviews. Gives me a chance to be a little witty, a little snarky–all favorite things of mine.

Examiner Interview

And more Sir Kay tomorrow. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows is Out!

  1. I have my copy! Gosh, I LOVED this book. And you know what I loved the most about it? Not having to wait for the next chapter. Getting to read it straight-through, with no interruptions… That was awesome!

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