Cover Art Saga

I hesitated to write this blog at all. Once you hear how great my publisher is, well, everybody will want one.

I love Soul Mate Publishing.  They may not be the biggest, but they have to be the easiest to work with.

Remember back on January 14th when I got my new cover? I liked it a lot, and so did you. Here’s the email I sent back.

I absolutely love it, Debby. Is this the same artist as before? Her vision is spectacular, as well as translating a weak concept into a strong cover.

 I have one request and one suggestion/consideration.

 REQUEST:  The love potion is in too big a container (a ‘flask’ instead of a vial). There should only be enough for a single use. It’s distilled down, so it should look thick.  Here’s my vision of a vial, although I’m definitely not hard core about this (think the neck adds more interest than just a straight glass vial).  I like the cork a lot, so it could go in the vial.

SUGGESTION/CONSIDERATION: The author’s name is so high as to appear mildly unbalanced. I would lower it another half inch. But that may wash out the “D” without making significant changes to the color scheme. Can’t tell if the outline will carry it or not. Bottom line: if it can’t be done without altering the overall look, don’t do it. It’s not that big a deal to me.

Along with the email I sent a simple image of a straight-sided glass vial.

The reply back included a new cover with the author’s name (that would be my name; sorry for the 3rd person) lowered. And also with the line, “She couldn’t find a vial but I think this works very well to convey your theme.”

To which I answered:

Like the name location. Not quite ready to give up on the vial yet.  Any small bottle of any sort and description would be OK, comparatively. Where does she look? Can I help?

I guess in a pinch we could shrink down the flask to maybe half its size. Turn the name tag sideways if necessary.

By now, I’m wondering if I’m being a prima donna pain in the ass. But back comes a URL for a graphics site, along with:

This is where she gets the pictures. If you can’t find something you like better, I’ll suggest the alternative.

I get to look and suggest what I like? Um, I think I can do that.

So I go to this site and there’s about a billion images available. A search on “Old Bottle” offers 11,085 choices. A feast of choices, and so I indulge. After a half hour, I realize that 1) I’m never going to be able to look at everything, and 2) this isn’t going to be done on the spot. So I send off this note, along with a couple of the really cool options that I’ve found.

depositphotos_11235869-Old-sealed-bottle-of-white-wineOoh. Ooh.  So many delicious choices.

I’m going to assume she can’t fill the bottle and so it needs to come with liquid.  And that she can modify an existing blank label. If these aren’t true, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll have some favorite choices to you by Monday morning if that suits your timetable.

I didn’t expect a reply back–Debby is a very busy person and I’ve already soaked up more of her time than my little rat killing deserves. But I get one back later that night (another late night for Debby, I’m thinking).

I’m so glad you found some! I think she can make those changes but she takes a while to reply to I’m going to say just pass along your favorites to me so I can let her know.

Carte blanche, sounds like to me. You know me: I spent a solid hour (probably an hour and a half, but who’s counting?) searching for the perfect bottle. In the end I send back 7 choices (4 shown below), with the pros and cons of each. Just your usual Rusty overkill. They’re waiting in her in-box on Monday morning, as promised.

4 bottlesOK, here’s my suggestions. Any of these work for me. Want to make sure that the artist has choices that she feels coordinate well with the look of the cover.  Hopefully I’ve given enough information so that they’re easy to find.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute. Have a great week.

Debby fires back:

I sent your suggestions along to Ramona. You did find a lot! I’m sure she was thinking about a beaker not a vial so this will help her create the cover you want.

Ramona agrees with my favorite of the 7 choices, does her magic, and back comes Rev 3, which is proudly on display below. All I can answer back is:

Perfect, Debby. Thanks for the extra effort making it happen. Assume you’re passing along to Ramona how pleased I am.

You people are such a delight to work with. Appreciate you all.

Strange Bedfellows #3 copy


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