Update on Sir Kay

Keeping you up to date, since you have a vested interest in this.

The Life and Adventures of Sir Kay (Working title; you’ll soon help me find a better one) is almost through first draft. I’ve completed 51 chapters and 98,000 words. Sir Kay finally slept with the right woman (sleeping with the wrong woman seems to be a unifying theme of my novels). Unless one of my characters throws a fit (or my writing partner, more likely; she’s very fond of the cast and wants them to keep going a little longer), the next chapter will be the last.

So what happens after that?

First, I let it sit for a week or two. During that time, I try not to think about the book. My creative time should be spent finalizing what I’m going to work on next.

Second, I take all the comments I’ve gotten back from my writing partner, my first draft readers, and my various writing groups and collect them all in one copy. Then I print that copy out (that means a trip to OfficeMax; can’t ask my poor printer to do that).

Third, I read the entire novel in two or three days, making copious notes in red. Always in red. Reading a manuscript in a short period of time is a critical step, because you catch a lot of things that get forget writing a chapter or three a week.

Fourth, I begin the first rewrite. Half for content, half to improve the language.

AND (herald, sound the horns), I start posting chapters here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

This novel may have one additional step: I may write 3-4 new intermediate chapters before I begin the rewrite. Depends on what I think in the critical read.

So looking at my calendar, I should start posting chapters February 10th, maybe? I keep you posted (no pun intended) as I get closer.

In the novel, Sir Kay is 45 and Princess Elaine, the woman whom he falls badly for (or should that be madly), is 52. SusanH sent me this picture of what the two of them together might look like to inspire me. Actually, move the garb back 1500 years and it’s probably pretty close.

Kay and Elaine


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