Did You Write Over the Holidays?

I didn’t write on Christmas Day. I had a chance in the afternoon–Christmas breakfast tacos consumed, presents all opened, roast ready to slide into the oven, kids scattered–but I opted to just savor the day instead. However, I did write on both Christmas eve and Boxing Day.

Some would say that makes me a Writing-Discipline Nazi.

Hey! Back off! You have fun your way, I’ll have fun mine. And anyway, you’re not a Writing-Discipline Nazi unless you tell somebody else they’re a bad person doomed to spend their writing carriers as a dilettante because they didn’t write on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

So, I wondered. What do the successful writers do? Well, this is the 21st Century! We have networking! The Internet! Twitter! Let’s just poll them and find out!

So I sent a poll to 100 commercially successful writers to ask them: Do you write over the holidays?

The results may surprise you (or maybe not): not a single one answered me.

Now, your average blogger with low-to-moderate self-esteem might have been hurt by that response. But since my self-esteem hovers on the high-to-celestial side, I knew they weren’t ignoring me. So I took that response to mean that not only were they not writing, they weren’t answering their emails either.

OK, so if you blew off writing over the holidays, you’re not alone. 100% of commercially successful writers did too. Either that or they were so busy knocking out their next best seller that they didn’t have time to respond. But I’m ignoring that group as insignificant.

Happy Holidays. And happy writing in the New Year, or whenever you get back to it. In the meantime, here’s a montage of pictures of Boxing Day celebrations around the world.

boxing day seaborneBoxing Day, Seaborne

boxing day melbourneBoxing Day, Melbourne

52-1312X-Boxing-day-hunt NewburyBoxing Day, Newbury

boxing-dayBoxing Day, USA

Sunderland boxing day dip 083Boxing Day, Sunderland

C4NPMKBoxing Day, my house (without the suit and tie. not to mention all the hair)


2 thoughts on “Did You Write Over the Holidays?

  1. After presents and all the good stuff that happens on this wonderful day, I spent it reviewing all of my editor’s notes and writing a couple of scenes for one of the manuscripts that is going to be released shortly.

    We also watched a movie. Mortal Instruments. Good one.

  2. No writing Dec 21-26. And only short bursts the week before which meant a good part of writing time was spent refocusing on where I left off. But I had a wonderful holiday. Today is theater night–18 of us to Stages for Panto Goldilocks, ages 7-70. A new tradition.

    Interesting that the chapter I’ve been working on just didn’t want to fall into place. Last night at 8:46 while watching Treme, it clicked. Lovely.

    Happy and merry to all.

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