Status Update

“So, Rusty, as we approach the end of the year, where are you in all of your projects?”

Ah, that’s a good question. Thanks for asking.

Strange Bedfellows, (SB) 2nd novel accepted for publication. Just got the first round of edits back from my editor. Much gentler process than with Return from Avalon (and Points West) (RFA). Largely because of a different editor, not that I’m that much better at writing. SB is due to come out in March. We’ll have the editing complete well before then, it looks like. Getting the completed edits on RFA ultimately delayed publication by more than a month. One small problem that has to be fixed: the novel that I’m writing now changes a little of what’s in this book.  So I have to go back and fix it so that all the stories are compatible. Curious problem to have, but shouldn’t be a big deal.

Avalon, South Carolina (ASC). That’s now the official title. It’s due back from my proofreader this weekend.  I finally got around to doing the cover art form Wednesday. I will be using the same editor for ASC as for SB, so looking forward to the process there as well.  ASC does not have a publication date yet, but the pace of the edits may drive an earlier release.

** The Adventures of Sir Kay (*ASK)–NOT the official title. I’ve completed 41 chapters (80,000 words) and released them to my first round readers. To mostly positive reviews. There is a growing sense that I’m dithering and I need to get on with the story. In Chapter 42, which I hope to complete today, Kay is back at the castle where his lady love, Princess Elaine (oldest sister of Morgause and Morgan and half-sister to the king) resides. Kay has taken an oath not to try to steal her, and has no idea what to do next (fortunately, I do). It should also be noted that he has spent less than 2 hours in her presence since he first me her 6 weeks ago, while he’s spent several nights with Morgan le Fay . So, maybe their love at first sight isn’t all that strong? This novel should be ready to start posting here by the end of February.  Incidentally, this is what has to be fixed in SB: Morgan’s relationship with Kay is sort of disparaged in SB but is a lot more intense in ASK.

Return from Avalon (and Points West). Not due out in paperback until March or April. I don’t understand the delay, and will be pursuing that in the next few weeks. I feel like not having an actual object that you can hold in your hand limits marketing opportunities (readings/signings, etc), although a lot of you have read the e-book–thank you very much for that.

Next Project? I think it may be time to revise Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail and add it to the Arthurian cannon. There is a lot that has to be altered in this book so that it doesn’t tell a fundamentally different story than the other novels. In fact, I had to go back and rewrite the “Grail story according to Rusty’s Arthurian Legend” last week to coordinate the different versions . Also, Morgan is a major villainess in BS&HG, and that definitely has to be fixed.

There is also perhaps one more original novel left before I will have exhausted alternative Arthurian fiction and have to go on to something else. Plus there’s some slight (emphasis on the word SLIGHT) chance I may write a sort of grand reunion book that tells Meg’s story (the next Lady of the Lake from RFA). I left a tease in ASC that Sabrina wants to go to Wales to meet the reigning Lady of the Lake. And of course, Morgan would love to join them when she finds out. SusanH wants me to have Oswald, Sir Kay’s squire, go forward in time from Avalon to the island of Avalon, S.C., meet up with Rick and Sabrina, and be a part of that reunion as well. But don’t hold your breath. Seems pretty far-fetched to me (unlike what I normally write).

So those of you that were worried that retirement might be going to my head and that I would quit writing any day, you don’t have to fret about that for a while, at least.  Although Kate and I will be taking a cruise around the Greek Islands next summer.

retirementThis has it backward.  It should read, “Can Retirement Finally Allow You to Learn How to Write a Book?”


2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. You said, “Seems pretty far-fetched to me (unlike what I normally write).” I get that. Because going forward in time would be just crazy while going back in time . . . and if Morgan goes to the reunion, that means Walt, Amy, Jonah, and Tignoire, too.

    Smiling and looking forward to ASK, Chap 42.

    Congratulations on retirement well-spent.

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