Avalon, S.C. — Cover Art!

I got the signed contract from Soul Mate Publishing today for Avalon, S.C.  And–you’d think this wouldn’t surprise me by now but it always does–the infamous cover art form.

I was SO disappointed to discover that they had removed the “Heroine: facial hair” line on the questionnaire.  I think we call all agree that Sabrina doesn’t have any facial hair.  I was all ready for that one.

It does still have:  HEAT Level:  (Erotic, Sensual, Sweet).  Hmm, that’s not quite as easy to answer as Strange Bedfellows.  What do you think?  Certainly doesn’t qualify as erotic, although maybe the Chapter 60 is slightly warmer than Sensual.

But in the end, none of that is really important.  I have firmly established myself as an author who prefers OBJECTS to PEOPLE on the cover.  Although Rick without a shirt would be a lot more appealing than Walter without a shirt.

But Avalon, S.C. is filled with significant objects.  How to choose, how to choose?

  • roman coinThe goddess pendant that George had made for Nimue?
  • The brooch, the divining rune, and the 3 Roman coins would make a nice tableau.
  • The island itself isn’t strictly an “object,” but it would make a nice background for a cover if done correctly.
  • The stones?
  • The painting of the pregnant golden-haired woman standing on the beach?  Framed, so it would obviously be a painting bombay-sapphireand not just a knocked-up heroine.
  • A bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin, olives, and a shaker?  Perhaps sitting on top of a James Bond novel?
  • How about a taser and a roll of duct tape?

Accepting feedback and opinions from my blog community.  You got most of these images last week, but I’ll add a few more at the bottom for your amusement.

(Note: sorry I’m a day late posting.  Yesterday I had a very limited amount of time, and it was a choice of writing or blogging.  Which would normally have meant blog, but Sir Kay is hot on the trail of adventure right now.  He and Oswald are currently in Tintagel, the fortress where Arthur was conceived and the childhood home of his lady love, the princess Elaine (oldest sister of Morgan and Morgause).

Brooch-Irish-Celtic-6th-7th-centuryRare Celtic Brooch in brass from about the right era.  Used to hold a cloak together.

SONY DSCWhich they only used, because Duct Tape hadn’t been invented yet.  Hey!  I just realized I missed a great opportunity.  George could have left a roll of duct tape for Nimue back when he was courting her.


12 thoughts on “Avalon, S.C. — Cover Art!

      • Soul Mate Publishing is contractually committed to putting out a paperback version within 6 months of publication of the ebook. Return from Avalon (and Points West) came out late July, so the paperback will be available not later than the end of January. Strange Bedfellows is scheduled for release in the spring (it’s March or May, I don’t remember which and I’m too lazy to go look it up right now); paperback 6 months later. Release date for Avalon, S.C. is not yet scheduled.

  1. I like the island in the background, maybe with: 3 goddesses pendant, 3 Roman coins, Celtic brooch in the foreground. Or maybe a wheel — or, if you want to turn up the heat level a bit, how about a Beltane celebration depiction?

  2. Maybe four quarter panels, each with an image–the coin, Duct tape, Taser, martini glass–with the Goddess pendant in the center where the panels meet.

    Or that same assortment on a table ala Peckerwoods with a checked cloth?

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