A Rose by Another Name?

FIRST, THE NEWS:  I have received a contract offer for Avalon, S.C.

(pausing a moment to allow you to celebrate wildly and raucously)

NEXT, THE QUESTION:  The Soul Mate Publishing Acquisitions Editor asked: “Is Avalon, S.C. the real title, or is it still a working title?”

Aha!  Good question.  I’d gotten so used to calling it that, I’d forgotten the possibility that there was going to be another name.  To be honest, I haven’t been able to think of one I like better.

But maybe you can.

So, blog community.  Submit your suggestions as comments here.  If the Acquisitions Editor and I see any we like better than Avalon, S.C., why, you’ll have the honor of naming the book!

To help you with your thinking process, I’m including a little photo montage of the novel.

Avalon 1Not Avalon, SC–there’s no hill!–but at least it gives the feel on an island off the coast of South Carolina

NimueShe’s not golden-haired, but I love the picture

???????????????????????????A wheel, ready for you to walk while you contemplate this question.

triple goddess jewelry3A triple goddess pendant, NOT worth $6000 nor nearly as classy as the one George designed.

altar and stone circle, beacons national park, walesAn altar with standing stones in the background

enlightened-chai-logoa salute to our favorite new-age cougar

BeltaneA child conceived on Beltane is blessed by the gods.  Maybe next year?

taserHell hath no fury . . . this one’s for you, JD

1362-Atlanta-FalconsMaybe next year.


15 thoughts on “A Rose by Another Name?

  1. Congrats on the contract! Don’t have champagne but will raise a glass of pinot grigio to toast your success. . . Must cogitate on alternative titles.

  2. Congratulations! Three books! Definitely needs a toast and a happy dance.

    As for a title, writing the book blurb now is a great idea. I like “Avalon, SC.” It accentuates the Arthurian connections, but the blurb might suggest other possibilities.

    • See, I like it too. And it stays with the Avalon theme. But then again I agree that the blurb might flush something else out, too. Is Strange Bedfellows going to stay with that title? What about Sir Kay? Do you have anything firm for him?

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