The World of Arthur, According to Rusty

I don’t write sequels.  Or at least, I’ve never seriously considered a sequel.  But the Arthurian world, which is “out there somewhere” is all my novels, has a consolidated history that all of the books follow, refer to, or build on.

In fact, the need to maintain a consistent history has caused me some difficulties with the idea of revising Bradley Schuster and the Holy Grail.  The story in that book does not follow the others.  Morgan is one of the villains of the piece, along with her sister Morgause and their fellow witch Nimue.  But as we’ve learned later, Morgan is not really evil–“well-rounded, morally” is how I’d characterize her–and Nimue is absolutely not.  So that piece of the novel will have to be totally reworked.

Didn’t you like the kicker that I threw in at the end of Avalon, S.C.?  Sabrina considers herself “sort of” a priestess of Avalon, and she wants to go on a pilgrimage someday to “pay her respects” to the current Lady of the Lake.  Who we all know from Return from Avalon (and Points West) is Vivian, with Meg in training as her replacement.

I’m now considering a similar twist in the novel I’m working on now, and Life and Adventures of Sir Kay.  Kay is a mathematically-minded geek of a knight, never appreciated for his prowess because there isn’t anyone in the realm capable of appreciating them, since Merlin died.

Except there is: George Foster appeared from the future onto the island of Avalon three years before the story begins.

That’s a lot of temptation for one twisted author.

Should Kay meet George?  Should Nimue come to Camelot, bringing her quiet escort who accidentally overhears one of Kay’s math problems and solves it?  Is that too delicious NOT to write?




7 thoughts on “The World of Arthur, According to Rusty

    • In our world, he’d be considered just adequate. Took all the algebra and geometry courses in high school, passed college math for business majors which of course includes probability and statistics and introduction to calculus. Not engineering level for sure. But in Kay’s world, he’d be a mathematical genius.

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