Final Edit

Avalon S.C. moved from first edit into final edit yesterday.  I didn’t actually change any words (yet).  What I did accomplish was:

1)  Put all the chapters into a single word file.

2)  Collect all of the useful comments that you’ve posted into a single word file.  There are quite a few, by the way (I took time to appreciate all of the comments that said, “I’m really loving this book,” but I didn’t extract those).

3)  Move the comments into the word document in the appropriate place.

All ready to do some serious polishing now.  If I’ve done everything right up to this point, the final edit should be mostly polish, very little new/creative material.  I think that’s the case.

Most serious error that you caught: honors go to Bruce, who caught that Rick and Sabrina should not be able to hear the drums at Imbolc.

I also have to resolve Susan’s issue about what changed Sabrina’s mind about JD.  She says that I’ve been totally inadequate in addressing that; I feel like I’ve said enough.  But she’s usually right; should I trust her on this one?  Think I’m going to.  Thoughts?

My proofreader, Stephanie, has a long flight on Oct 26th.  So I have to have the final edit done in time for her to take it with her.  No sweat–that’s more than 2 weeks away.

And then there’s Sir Kay demanding more and more attention.   Ah, the writing life.

NOTE: Post days are now Tuesday and Friday until my current project is ready to start serializing.




3 thoughts on “Final Edit

  1. Love the pruning pic. Good advice for me since I just added 324 words that immediately needed deleting.

    And thanks for the vote of confidence. But you said that I said “[Rusty has] been totally inadequate in addressing that” but I would never say that. Nope. Never.

    Will be interesting to see how others understood her change/certainty/decision.

  2. Was it maybe a little mysterious that Sabrina went away for ~3 weeks and came back ready to ditch JD? Actually, I guess she walked the wheel a bunch of times & then changed her mind. Was that too magical for me? Not really — meditation has a way of focusing one’s thoughts & feelings & making things clearer . . . And the whole book is about magic, so to speak. . . Perhaps Nimue was already speaking to her while she walked the wheel & helped her make her decision.

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