Sex Scenes

Strange Bedfellows didn’t have a climatic sex scene (“Boo, hiss, my readers respond.  Hey, any response in a storm).  My female readers ALL complained and universally offered the opinion that the book deserved one.  What they really meant was that Amy deserved one, and that they wanted to experience her joy vicariously.  But then, what else is fiction?

Curiously, all the comments from my male readers agreed that the book didn’t really need one.  Don’t you find that interesting?

Here’s the Link to the Blog Post.  Sex Scenes

So, Avalon S.C. has a bona fide sex scene.  Insert Tab A into Slot B and everything.  Graphic details.

Yawn, respond my readers.

Hey, what’s going on out there?  Y’all dead?

sex in the woods 2


4 thoughts on “Sex Scenes

  1. I agree that Strange Bedfellows didn’t need a sex scene, but Avalon, SC did need one. Well, there have been a few, but Sabrina & Rick certainly deserved one after you spent 3/4 of the book turning up the heat between them! I liked that Rick thought to bring condoms, BTW.

  2. Is this post a variation on “what do women want”? 😉

    Didn’t need (or want) the full blown graphic details with Walt and Amy in Strange Bedfellows. Just a little more than “Whew.”

    But I did want Tab A, Slot B, and “everything” with Rick and Sabrina. So what’s the “everything”? Emotion. What’s it feel like to be consumed by the fires of Beltane? Why was he just swaying and watching everyone pair up after waiting months for Sabrina? And most important, what’s Rick feeling for Sabrina right then, in those moments? Could he possibly share her as she offered? Yep, the question dreaded by all Y-burdened members of our species: How do you feel about that?

    Disclaimer: I do not speak for the entire Y-free segment of humanity, i.e., womankind. Just speaking for me.

  3. Personally I think that sex in most cases is an excuse for a poor storyline. There are few cases where it is absolutely necessary to the plot.

    A perfect example of sex being necessary is in Fatal Attraction. Because the story revolves around the main character’s illicit affair, it makes the sex scene central to the story.

    In this case, I’m not sure the sex is totally necessary to the plot but once you go there with Chai you are obligated to go there with Sabrina.

    Still, your storyline revolves around an ancient fertility religion so bringing it in is not in the gratuitous category.

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