Beltane on the Island of Avalon, S.C.

We’re almost at the end of Avalon, S.C.  Only five chapters to go (and four of them happen on Beltane)!  By next Friday (Oct 4th), I’ll have posted it all.

You’ve by and large stopped commenting, which I’m going to assume is because you are so caught up in the story that you can’t think of anything else to add.

So . . . you going to a Beltane party.  As George put it in his journal, Beltane is basically an orgy with religious overtones.  You definitely don’t want to get out to the island and realize that you’ve forgotten something critical.  Maybe we should prepare a checklist of what to take.

___  Girlfriend

___  Girlfriend’s panties (apparently don’t need those)

___  Boss, but DON’T confuse with girlfriend

___  Paper and pencil to be able to talk to boss’s dad, if needed

___  Sexy new age consultant (sorry, Chai.  Maybe next year)

___  Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.  Seems like a strange thing to take to the party, but apparently “we” have a plan.  Maybe he’s a gift, since he’s so nicely wrapped up in duct tape.

___  Taser, in case of emergency with duct tape.

___  Thermos of Martinis (nope, we’re going to risk the Beltane punch, although that might turn out to be a really, really bad idea.  Particularly considering how Mr. Lust still has a thing for the boss)

___  Alarm clock?  Don’t want to oversleep and end up staying on the island!

___  Camera?  Apparently no reason to take a camera; the pictures somehow refuse to turn out.  I guess what happens on the island stays on the island.

___  Camping essentials: flashlight, matches (although it’s hard to believe we’ll need those), toothbrush, blanket.

Anything I’ve forgotten?

___  Condoms.  Like I said, don’t want to forget something critical.

Beltane2 (I was very tasteful and discrete in selecting an image for this post.  However, if you’re feeling daring and indiscrete, turn off “safe search” and do a Google image search for “Beltane Celebration”)


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