Greetings from the Land of Arnie Penders

In Return from Avalon (and Points West), Arnie Penders begins his journey by selling his rare and used books store in San Francisco and setting off on a road trip.  We arrived in the steal-your-heart city mid afternoon yesterday, wandered through Chinatown and the Italian section, down to the waterfront for drinks, then back for Italian food for dinner.  But I haven’t seen much of the city yet.  Was here for a day 30+ years ago, do I don’t remember much. I did see a little used book store on the taxi ride back to the quaint little Inn/B&B where we’re staying, and which is exactly the type of lodging Arnie would choose.  Hmmm.  Who would guess that he’s like me in so many ways?  But when I went back to take a picture of the book store, it was gone.  Maybe I was confused, but I’m going with the explanation that there is magic involved.  The world is so much more interesting with the possibility of magic. But Arnie and I did share an experience: the Sequoias.  Here’s his take on the topic:

After five days on the road, I’m still a little intimidated by the concept of being so small in such a large land. Although I’m making some headway getting past my megalophobia. I actually stood under a redwood tree and looked up without getting queasy or feeling inadequate. I took a shot of whiskey before I risked it, but it turned out OK.

I remember the majesty of the big trees from my last visit to Northern California, but of course, you never remember just how awe-inspiring they are.  A photo never comes close to capturing the feel.  But, undaunted, I took some pictures to share.  Here’s one, standing at the bottom looking up, just like he did.image


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