Time Passes . . .

The heavy action on the island takes place 8 times a year, on the sabbats and quarter turns of the pagan calendar.  Every 45 days or so.  That had the unintended consequence of building a time delay into the Avalon, S.C. story line that in the end caused me some writing woes.

The first 45 days were eventful.  Rick is hot on the trail of George.  New discoveries come at him–and us–pretty fast.

But after Midwinter, there’s little left to discover.  Fortunately, this provided a natural time for budding romance between Rick to . . . what, flower?  Not quite flowering yet, but we can always hope.

Writing “time passes” chapters is not easy for me.  At least we had the NFL playoffs to sustain us.  My y-chromosome-less readers choked that down with varying degrees of grace.  Wish I had Ellie among my first draft readers.

The next few chapters are going to be intense.  I’ve already edited the ones that will be posted during my vacation next week, so I’m totally into Imbolc.  Chapters 47 through 55 all happen with 5 days of Imbolc.  A lot going on.

And then?   Another 90+ days until Beltane.  Groan.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait 90 days for the intervening chapters to pass. Chapter 56 spans the remaining 82 days until Beltane.  Crisply, I hope you’ll find.  Filled with romance(-ish) and anticipation.

Go Falcons.  Come on, Beltane.



One thought on “Time Passes . . .

  1. On first reading, Ch 46 confused me–timewise–but no longer. Great editing and character development as time passes. When I finish the chapter I’m currently writing, I’m jumping from mid-June to July 4. Now I have a role model. But no football.

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