In the big picture, I’ve accomplished squat the last 3 weeks.  A chapter a week if I’m lucky.  Simply have not been able to get any traction around the distractions of construction, physical displacement, and a big event that I’m chairing this weekend (not to mention the normal distractions of life).

A novel begins to gain momentum about this time for me.  The first few chapters I’m getting to know the characters, learning their voices, habits, peccadillos.  But by know I know them well.  The plot begins to unfold.  The chaos of fictional stardust begins to coalesce into stars instead of black holes.

I’m totally into Sir Kay.  He’s my kind of hero.  Someone recently described my genre as “Beta Male Fiction.”  I like that a lot.  The plot is beginning to unfold right on schedule.  The words should be jumping onto the page.


Coming soon, to a PC near you.



8 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Just a few more deep breaths and it will all be over. We have a lovely new laundry room, tile, functional pantry, master bathroom and CLOSETS to show for all the distractions. You’ve been a real good sport throughout it all, Rusty. Oswald would be so impressed. Love, k

  2. Meaningless distractions…. my life is full of them. Come to think of it, most of what is in the news is meaningless distraction. Like yahoo news lists Water Leaks Japans Nuclear Disaster about ten links down after Kanye and Kim and Jo Lo’s boobs.

  3. I recently created my own distractions with 10 days of ignoring real life while my new imaginary friends took flight. Now I’m paying the price. Balance? Did someone say balance?

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