Bloggers get up in the morning, gulp down a cup of coffee, and set about the task of creating something exciting for you to read.  Something to entertain you, inspire you, start your day off with a bang.  They (we) do it whether we feel inspired or not, whether we feel like getting out of bed or now, whether we even drink coffee of not (although personally I have no sympathy for anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.  That’s a self-inflicted wound).

So . . . what do we get in return?

We get the joy and satisfaction of knowing that we’ve brought a little entertainment/inspiration/bang to your day.

And we know that . . . how?

Well, up to a point, you know it because you believe in yourself as a writer.  By this point in your writing career, you’ve developed a sense of what’s good, and when you’re good.  If it’s not good, sometimes you post it out of desperation, but usually you just delete it and start over.

And that belief in yourself is upheld and augmented by . . . your readers’ comments.

I personally have no complaints.  My readers are pretty generous with their comments.  Besides, my self-esteem is pretty big (those of you who know me personally are nodding your heads here).

But . . .

When I send you to somebody else’s blog, I’d like you to be extra generous with your comments.  Make them glad that they’ve invited me to blog, interviewed me, etc.  Because I’ve brought over a pack of dedicated readers who let them know.

TODAY:  There’s a really cool interview in The Examiner.  I started to reblog it here, and then I thought, No way.  My readers will be delighted to go there, read the interview, be entertained/inspired/banged.  And now that they’ve got the etiquette down, they’ll comment.  See, I believe in you.

ONCE YOU’VE ENJOYED THAT, HERE’S YOUR NEXT ASSIGNMENT.  Go back to Melissa’s blog from Saturday and MAKE A COMMENT.  Show her some love.  She’s invited me back next month, but she might change her mind without a few pithy comments to pump up her self-esteem a little.

Thanks.  Don’t make me unleash the dog.




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