Free Advertising

As I’ve mentioned before, I love T-shirts with pithy sayings on them.  Now that I’m retired, T-shirts are 90% of my wardrobe (not gloating or anything, just saying).  My wife and kids shop for them and give them to me for Fathers’ Day and Christmas instead of neckties (which I don’t need) and after-shave (which I do, but I can buy my own).

People notice T-shirts.  There are some that I can’t wear in public without people stopping me to read or comment, or at least smiling as they finish reading.

I haven’t generally worn my writer T-shirts out in public–I save them for writers’ group, book group, places where my literary friends hang out.  But on a recent trip to a wedding in California, for some reason I wore writer T-shirts most days.

Total strangers would come up and ask, “Is that true?  Are you really a writer?”  I had an opportunity to hand out 2 dozen or more business cards just in the airport–except that I’d packed them.  Duh.

In the world of publishing today, unless you’re one of the biggies, you have to do most of your own promotion.  Wear a T-shirt and carry a stack of business cards (or flyers promoting your latest book, or whatever).

There are a lot of T-shirts out there.  I don’t have enough, but for a reasonable investment I could wear a different one every day and still make it to laundry day.

Here are some of my favorites.

writer t shirt 15Simple, easily read . . . and people do.

writer tshirt 3 Lots of versions of this shirt.  Another one that people will stop and ask, “Is that true?”

writer t shirt 8This one was designed especially for SusanH.

writer t shirt 9Not that you’re gloating or anything.  But still.

writer t shirt 12I didn’t know these existed.  But I’m ordering some today.  And getting a new back of cards ready.

OK, that’s enough for now.  Except that I have to share one more shirt with you.  My minister (she’s the coolest minister on earth) gave me this one on Sunday.  Made my week.  Not exactly a writing T-shirt, but it’s my new favorite.

writer t shirt 14


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