My Bucket List

I’m slowly but steadily (more accurate that surely) working my way through my bucket list.

Number One place to go was the Normandy Beaches and battle sites, which I made it to last summer.  A magnificent trip, all in all, including 3 days in Paris, a trip to Monet’s gardens, a wine tour in the Loire valley, Neolithic ruins in Carnac, and finally seeing the Bayeaux Tapestry.  But Omaha Beach is sacred ground to me.  Sainte-Mere-Eglise.  Pointe du Hoc.

Yesterday I visited the Vietnam Memorial.  I fully expected to go to Vietnam when I got out of college, but they had stopped sending people over by then.  Luckiest thing that ever happened to me, even if it took a few years to appreciate it.  But all of the officers and NCOs at my first duty assignment were Vietnam veterans.  The war colored my life, as it did everyone who lived through it.  Visiting the memorial brought some closure to that part of my life.

Publishing a novel.   Barring unforeseen circumstances, that’s going to happen this year.  Doesn’t bring closure so much as hunger.  But still a big check mark.

Writing a song that is performed in public.  I’ve seriously knocked that one in the head by now, with a couple of dozen to my credit.  Including the music for a musical that was performed in The Woodlands, even if only once.  I’ll never be any better than an amateur songwriter, that doesn’t bother me (being nothing better than an amateur novelist — that would bother me a lot).

Writing a blog was NOT on the bucket list.  Maybe I should add it after the fact, so I can check it off?  Nah, that’s cheating.

Guess I better get more serious about formalizing my list.  I’ve always wanted to do the Scotch Highland Distillery trail.  Romance or mere depravity?  Guess I better decide.



12 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Nothing wrong with depravity. Or romance. Both?

    My bucket list is a tricky thing. At one point there were many items on it because they “should” be there. But now I’ve gotten to an age where I no longer should on myself so much. The list got much shorter.

    On the other hand, checking off an item doesn’t always shorten the list. “See the Chelsea Flower Show” was on my list for years. So much so that when we planned our trip, I had much self-talk about how it couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations, and that would be okay. However, it far exceeded my expectations. So when I crossed off “See the Chelsea Flower Show,” I added “See the Chelsea Flower Show again.”

  2. So that poses the question… who determines what a bucket list item is? So yeah I googled. Because things are always accurate and true on the internet. 🙂 It said it’s something you want to do before you die…

    What makes seeing Chelsea Flowers (Who is that anyway?) not a bucket list. Not being snarky, just curious.

    Define? Thoughts?

    • Here’s my logic (and yes, I realize I’m discussing this with people without the extemporizing effect of a Y chromosome, but bear with me). “Seeing the Chelsea Flower Show” absolutely is a bucket list item. Your bucket list is composed of things that you want to do at least once before you die. Having accomplished that “at least once,” an item moves into regular competition for time and money with all the other things you want to do in life. You might even want to do it more than some of the things on your bucket list. But still.

      • Not sure if my Y-less condition is in play here. Perhaps. It usually is.

        But this seems to be, in part, an issue of how static our bucket lists are . . . returning to New England and spending several weeks in late summer, early fall bumming around from P’town to Kennebunkport is a nostalgia trip that is definitely on my list. But that’s something we did 40+ years ago. A return, not an “at least once.” And on the flip side, I continue to delete items that are only there because they “should” be.

        When my dad died suddenly just before his 81st birthday and my mom at almost 92 after a very short illness, I was struck that one of the joys of their lives was that they still had a list of things they wanted to do. Here’s to an ever renewing Bucket List.

  3. I’m with Stella . . . things to do before you kick the bucket. Though I suppose that part of what places an item on the Bucket List is that it can’t be done simply, easily, or on just any Thursday afternoon. For example, lunch at Amerigo’s wouldn’t make the list although I do plan to do that.

    Stella, the Chelsea Flower Show is one of the annual shows of the Royal Horticultural Society, held in late May, on the grounds of Royal Hospital Chelsea (London), started in 1913. Entire gardens are transported to the site, takes a month to set up. It’s a sell out every year. Bliss.
    And now that I’m thinking about it, I might add the Hampton Court Palace show (July) to my bucket list as well. One really shouldn’t miss the world’s largest flower show. Right?

  4. I’ve spend some time thinking of this… My bucket list?
    Visit Egypt, Italy, Israel, the Balkan peninsula (parts that I haven’t been to yet), South America, UK.
    There. That’s all I want.

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