Cover Art – It’s Here!

I got the first pass at the cover art for Return from Avalon (and Points West) yesterday.  I say first past, since they sent it to me for approval.  Couldn’t get that email out fast enough.  Which is why my prose may be more . . . um, immature? . . . than normal.

Wow.  I’m absolutely delighted.  Magnificent.

That’s OK; Debby didn’t give me any shit about bad writing.  Have I ever said how delightful Debby and Soul Mate Publishing have been to work with so far?  Probably.

I don’t have my feet back on the ground quite yet.  But any time now, I’m sure.

Here’s a recap of what I said when they asked me for my preferences and vision for cover art.

LOOK AND FEEL: I like for the artwork to cover the entire cover, not just an insert.  The name and title should not totally dominate the cover.  I like graphic art, prefer simplicity over complexity.

PREFER: Objects to People.

Are there any special objects that play a role in the book?

  • A 3’ section of rebar.
  • Tarot cards.  The most significant in order are: King of Swords, Ace of Swords, Queen of Cups.
  • A strange used book, Return from Avalon, by M. A. Gwalchmai, published in 1797 by The Crwys Streete Press, Cardiff, Wales.  A very thin book, bound in a fine leather binding, with rich thick paper, embossed with gold writing, showing little wear for its age.
  • Excalibur
  • Letters from the hero to his ex-wife (format of the book).

Any vision/suggestions you may have for your cover?  Based on my totally amateur vision, the two that came to mind are:

  • A 3 tarot card spread with the piece of rebar stuck into the king of swords.
  • A letter.  The opened envelope is on top, addressed to Ms. Jenniver Penders, 674 Oakdale, Atlanta, Georgia 30316, return addressee Arnie Penders, no address given.  Underneath can be seen the top of the letter with one of the letterheads from the book, date, and “Dear Jen” showing before it is interrupted by the envelope lying on top.
  • If the cover needs a person, it could be the hero holding the piece of rebar (or even Excalibur) while engrossed in reading Return from Avalon.

So: without any further ado, here’s what it looks like.

ReturnFromAvalon Cover

Is that classy, or what?  Way better than my amateur vision.

The Three of Swords, clearly visible as the upper of the two tarot cards, isn’t one that I listed.  But it is featured prominently at the end of the novel, when Lola suggests that Arnie is going to be unlucky in love three times.  And since he has met three women who he likes a lot on his journey, that bums him out.  But in typical Arnie fashion, he talks his way out of it.

The other card is harder to make out.  The Lovers, perhaps?  That would be Soul Mate’s subtle was of making the cover more attractive to women, I’m guessing.  Very nice.

So . . . what do you think?



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