Vacations from Writing

Let’s suppose — strictly hypothetically, of course — that you wake up one morning and don’t feel like writing.  Can you take a vacation from writing?

Hard to imagine, which is why this is a strictly hypothetical suppose.  Like waking up one morning and deciding to take a vacation from chocolate, sex, peanut butter and sardine sandwiches, whatever it is that always makes you sit up and take notice.  But just suppose.  Is it OK to take a vacation from writing?

Absolutely.  Sometimes your subconscious, which has been working really hard to generate all this creativity while your logical brain merely provides the grammatical excellence and occasionally edits the plot, just needs to recharge.  Your subconscious (Percy or Kevin or whatever name your subconscious goes by.  What, you haven’t named your subconscious yet?  C’mon, let’s get cracking here) lets you know by generating all these weird dreams like your high school English teacher giving you an F on a creative writing assignment and making you read your turdlet to the whole class while standing up in front in your underwear and you don’t have your reading glasses.  That’s how your subconscious tells you, “Hey, out there.  I need a vacation.”

BUT . . . here’s the catch.  You can’t wake up in the morning, not  feel like writing, and take a vacation that day.  That’s not responsible burnout control, that’s sloth.  One of the 7 or so deadly sins.  That makes it way too easy to wake up the next morning and, nah, not today either, it’s cloudy and I’m never fully creative when it’s cloudy.

You have to schedule your writing vacations in advance.  “I’m taking Thanksgiving week off, relax with the kids, sleep in, gorge on turkey sandwiches.  Then, Monday morning November 26th, I’m back on it.”

You have my permission to do that.  Just not too often.



2 thoughts on “Vacations from Writing

  1. I admire your discipline. And your passion! I completely understand the desire to get back to a story. It’s how I reward myself when I’m done with editing and all that other good stuff that life requires!


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