Happy Valentine’s Day

A week into our life together, I pulled out a book and started to read.  I didn’t own a television so Kate, who at 22 had never read a book without coercion, asked, “What am I supposed to do?”  So I rummaged around on my shelves, pulled out Cat’s Cradle, and handed it to her.  Ah, the perfect starter book.  “Here, try this.”

Today, coming up on 36 years later, Kate is an avid reader – and we still don’t own a television.  She’s also my most consistent critic, reading every word of every revision that I write.  Giving me feedback in colored ink and gently bitching at me if I’m late with the next chapter.  She’s recently discovered erotic romance and so she walks around, carrying a book sporting a suggestive cover, in a state of . . . what’s the technical term? . . . perpetual horniness.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Forgo the chocolates and give your Valentine a book.

cats-cradle heart2


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    • So, would you rather have:

      1) Significant other goes to Wal-Mart on the way home from work Feb 13th, selects a really nice box of chocolates from the Valentine’s Day Display, buys a card, and leaves them by your mirror?


      2) Significant other goes to AllThingsWords (http://www.allthingswords.com/) 2 weeks earlier, read book reviews, selects one that is just perfect for you, orders it regular delivery (doesn’t have to pay for express), slips the card in between the pages, but oops, forgets about the chocolate?

      Just sayin’.

  1. I’ll take the guy who plans something for me. Not the one who drops by the store on the way home. And the something doesn’t even have to be all that grand. As long as it’s personalized with touches. That certain kind of touch. ;- )

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